poem poetry

The Moon!

The Moon ,

the moon ,

the moon

That orange gloomy there

Hidden behind the veils

Is such romantic rains,

Breeze crept round the skin

Beneath the thunderous


Rainy vibes erupting emerging

Round me

and I

solo stood and stare


The Moon,

The moon,

The moon!!


Her Eyes!

I feel the END

the end of

an emotional DRIVE,


Somewhere deeper

a genuine TRUTH

to be identified?


You can hide

the infidelity

in your EYES,


Cause I understood

You baby,

more than your

lame promises



The Rhy”Me”!


No deep thought riding me

I feel silent

as a DEAD sea..

My circle Closing

After every dawn..

Either it’s me 

OR the PAIN 

that’s long gone..

Now the Brightness is 

turning me BLIND..

I can’t find PEACE

in my own Regime !

A “HELLO” from the DEEP

cracks of Mine


A Call of ” RESCUE “

From this RHYME….



Finding the definition LIFE

The deep depression riding me

Shouts with hollow screams

What is life..

Still a question

Without a ?mark.

What is rollin’ all around

Fear of gravity


The fall of self morality.

Life in here; Newton seems a puppet


Hitler a social protagonist..

“The feel of poverty

holding a blank cheque.. ”

Tryin’ to find

Positivity in our own negativity..

Nor warm up nor a retake

That’s how life goes

Without a break…


Who is the God!

What are you concealing buddy?

Is that nefarious deeds

Of your charming life,

Easy get going God’s must be

Peeping at you,

Sins you hold for

your Own burial,

Sins don’t decay with bones

At the ultimate,

Killings you made of souls,

Smiles you snached for

Your own laughter,

Easy get going buddy,

God must be peeping at you

For his own safety.


Life dipped in disguise!

Life a field of barren land

You the scarecrow in it,

Constrained for responsibility

Easy to sow but harder to reap,

Sanguined eyes grief’y joy

Immortal rumors regarded for

Own destroy,

Peeping via the eyes of wisdom

Why o’ why there’s such doldrums,

May you run run away from

The demanding life,

To escape into a brand new interstellar

with proper disguise!


Hope for Humanity…


Roots enchanting for eternity

battling for peace in humanity

while lust preyed on love

and drowned in treachery,

walked on emotional debris

concealing their hollowness

against the orthodox society,

JOY, you can’t spell the word right

inner wounds will bring up the light

to feel the numbness

far from the optimist’s sight

ego screams for the silence

for the pride waiting to be justified!





Smoked last cigarette

searched for the blade

suited up after an abrasive shave,

alarm screamed for the rise


depression is consistent to be awake

glazed onto the mirror

for the sum thing new


those same bloody eyes remained.