Hope for Humanity…


Roots enchanting for eternity

battling for peace in humanity

while lust preyed on love

and drowned in treachery,

walked on emotional debris

concealing their hollowness

against the orthodox society,

JOY, you can’t spell the word right

inner wounds will bring up the light

to feel the numbness

far from the optimist’s sight

ego screams for the silence

for the pride waiting to be justified!




Smoked last cigarette

searched for the blade

suited up after an abrasive shave,

alarm screamed for the rise


depression is consistent to be awake

glazed onto the mirror

for the sum thing new


those same bloody eyes remained. 

Worst end for better dawn.


Rover over the feelings ,

feelings that now feels to be crime

lovers we used to be

but now we don’t even rhyme,

tracks on our mood crescendo 

dwells down my spine,

hope for the best of us

hope that won’t turn you to be mine,

silent evenings and the night-less nights

now seems to be peculiarly fine,

its time to guard my Poseidon

for the unpolished but new solo life.


RaiN of EmoTioN.


When your heart is wounded

no love better sounded,

even the spring reminds of a freeze winters

and everyone seems to be a sinister,

fire feels to be home and

the heart is too scared to roam,

stitches are just accessories

to ease the pain 



 trick you’re eyes for the rain.

You’re the jury for YOU.


Under the moon light and

the glittering stars,

away from the cacophonous of universe

a trembling voice heard from the past,

shadow of darkness surrounds

to know the truth

the truth that holds your soul

you being frantic in this world.

But nobody knows what you’re

abide the criticism

the jury resides in you,

the gem you hold to be true

hail yourself from the rusty world

till you shine like a silver pearl. 


Rise to lead.



If the  failures makes you move

and ignorance tries to choose,                  

with some dirt on your boots

hit  harder even if you begin to lose.


Sweat and tension will rise

while nobody will give a damn

until you’re out of the jam.


Only man knows

what makes him glow,

traveling on a lane of pain

without a single bow.




The road was narrow and

the thunders began to strike,

light waved through the clouds

and the demon inside of me revived.

What was important now

seems to be not right,

all the good that was good in me

turned to be fragile.

The demon inside me whispered

there is no way you could hide,

take the road and leap the steps

until you turned satisfied… 

Cios Adios.



You’re love that I used to breathe,

is now long gone without a single streak.

Volts of pain in my heart is turning

into fury with some blazing scars.

Deep down the understanding identifies,

the glory of your disguise.

For the times you took away my pride

now it doesn’t matter who so ever was right!